Shining a light on our apprentices

Doing an apprenticeship allows you to learn while you earn. For National Apprenticeship Week we are celebrating our apprentices and talking to them about why they choose this route to work.

Here we speak to John Dye who works in our Partnerships Travel team. He is currently working towards a Level 2 in a Financial Customer Services Advisor qualification.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I served in HM Armed Forces – British Army for around 10 years, I left the services in 2012 and I jumped from job to job and didn’t find anything I could settle into, I decided to look for a more structured career and always had an intrigue for insurance and as such DLG were recruiting. The appeal of the career structure, the qualification and the chance to become certified as well as DLG aligning to the Armed Forces Covenant and being an active recruiter of the Veterans was an opportunity too good to pass up, as such here I am, and the rest is history.

If you are retraining what did you do previously?

My background since 2012 has been predominantly customers service based and orientated with the bulk of my time spent working within the NHS and the NHS 111 service provision, I spent some time working in motor insurance and also in other regulated roles.

What are the benefits of doing an Apprenticeship?

The ability to train while I’m working and earn a good living wage is an incredibly important aspect, but the future it can provide is immeasurable in that once I’m done with my qualification I can branch out to other areas of interest or move on to a higher level apprenticeship.

What was it about DLG that made you apply for our Apprenticeship schemes?

The fact that a real living salary was on offer was without doubt a big part of my decision making, and that DLG recognises that a good salary is at the forefront of many peoples decision making, but again coming a close second is the fact the apprenticeship opens up a multitude of other possibilities that otherwise wouldn’t be available elsewhere.

As an apprentice what has surprised you most about working at DLG and in the insurance industry?

The fact that DLG is very much like an extended family, it’s great to be able to ask for help and get it without being shunned etc, and that there is an overwhelming commitment to help you succeed in your role.

What is your biggest achievement as an apprentice so far?

As I’m still very early in my learning period I don’t have anything that I could really say is my biggest achievement, that said I have completed my first case study which received great feedback.

 What advice would you give to anyone who wants to develop their career through an apprenticeship?

To coin a phrase my late grandfather said to me when I was thinking of joining the Military, he said “if your going to do it, then do it and jump in at the deep end, you will soon learn to swim” and I guess I’d say the same thing to those looking at apprenticeships, in that don’t hesitate, go for it because if you put the hard work in you will as my grandfather says learn to swim pretty fast. And the opportunities of doing so are vast and make your future options much brighter too. 

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship qualification then click here to find out more and to keep updated on any 2021 apprenticeship vacancies.